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The platform that works across the value chain




Easy freight management and broker services

Real-time view of freight status

Digital load tendering via portal or EDI

Efficient scheduling of freight


Collaborate and build better relationships with clients

Customer-focused platform connecting everyone in freight transactions

Elimination of phone calls & emails

Compliance & monitoring of carriers


Connect to loads quickly and efficiently

Status reporting with GPS verification

Bill of Lading submittal through app

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Stop paying a lot of money for TMS Systems that offer more than what you need.

See what our customers are saying about us...

"DigCargo streamlines the life cycle of each load; with customer and carrier portals, every party has a birds eye view of important freight. Detailed load information, automated status updates, and GPS tracking, DigCargo allows every party to rest assured that the load is accounted and cared for while simultaneously improving operations for everyone involved."
Joe McLaughlin
"At Lucent Logistics, our utmost objective is to provide a high level of transparent service to our customers and our carriers through efficient management systems in place. DigCargo streamlines management of its carrier network and customer service in one place. That allows us to provide a simple & modernized way to connect our carriers to our customers needs."
Paul Johnson


Simple to setup and easy to use


Improve Communication

Connect with your freight partners to share freight details via portal or EDI and maintain alignment on freight status. Eliminate communication issues in managing freight transaction details.


Increase Visibility

With DigCargo's native mobile app and connections to ELDs, freight tracking and reporting provides real-time view of freight status.


Share Transaction Documents

Transaction based document sharing enables efficient sharing of bill of lading and other key documents.


Align with Partners

Benefits provided to all stakeholders in the freight transaction.


Integrate with Services

DigCargo integrates via API with top logistics service providers to quickly manage loadboard, accounting, or carrier management.


Analyze Transactions

Using DigCargo, each transaction is shared with your partners and performing historical analysis to gain insights or validate details becomes easy.


DigCargo has connected with some of the best service providers in the industry that allows Our customers to quickly manage their business across multiple external services all from within DigCargo.


Schedule a demo or contact us to ask a question. DigCargo offers you the flexibility to automate with no contracts or setup fees. Try it now for free with one of our new customer deals. Contact us below for more info.


Digital Cargo Management, Inc. is a New Orleans based technology company focused on building innovative technology products and creating long-term value for the freight industry.

DigCargo is a multi-tenant mobile and web platform that provides collaborative logistics for freight shippers, brokers and carriers. The platform fuels our customers’ ability to grow, manage uncertainty, and better serve their clients.

Our mission is to be the logistics technology partner of choice for the freight industry

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